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Western Influence on Indian Fashion Wear

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Due to British colonialism in India, India’s culture has been significantly affected by the West. With globalization, Indian fashion today does reflect the Western influence. Halter tops, handkerchief-cut kurtas etc are common today and have become a part and parcel of one’s wardrobe. With 28 states, 7 union territories and multiple dialects, India is a land of great diversity and each state has its own unique fashion.

Conventional sarees, blouses, salwar kameezes and necklines have undergone great changes. The latest Indian fashion trend has a touch of the West. Indian fashion designers are working day in and day out to meet the new demands of the market. Let us see some of the Western influences on Indian dresses.

Short- Style Kurtis

Even a few years ago, traditional kurtis with bold prints were popular among the masses. Though they still continue to be in demand, yet short-style kurtis with halter necklines are giving their traditional counterpart a tough competition. Earlier, kurtis were worn along with chudidars, but today wearing them over jeans is the latest Indian fashion. Right from a celebrity, to the girl next door, short-style kurtis are a rage. Floor length anarkalis are also in high demand these days.

Casual Crinkled Crepes & A-Lined Skirts

Lehengas have always been loved by ladies among all age groups. The traditional embroidered lehenga is one of the best Indian bridal wears. However, lehengas have evolved into a casual crinkled crepes and A-lined skirts which are considered ideal for a party, social gathering or an informal meeting.

Half-Lehenga Style Saree

Saree is the most traditional Indian wear. Sarees are the perfect wear during weddings, religious functions and parties. However, the latest Indian fashion has seen the evolution of a new style saree which mixes both the saree and lehenga into a single wear. This is capturing everyone’s attention. This type of saree is known as half-lehenga style saree. This is pretty comfortable for those who are not well-acquainted with the traditional hanging saree.

Strap & Halter Neck Blouses

Earlier and even now, short-sleeved or long-sleeved blouses are very much popular among ladies. However, today blouses with straps and halter neck styles have also started making inroads. These types of blouses have become very common and are in great demand.


Denims are highly popular among men and women in India. Earlier in parties, formal wear was a common sight. Though it still is, yet today in many parties and even in offices, there is no dearth of people wearing denims. There are several international brands of denims available in India and each and every day the market is witnessing arrival of new designs.

There are always new styles which are developing from time to time. The western influence on Indian clothing is making them trendy and elegant. A new design can evolve anywhere. It is up to us to adapt to the changes according to our own style, convenience, preference and choice.


Fashion in the 1950’s

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The 1950’s spawned a wide variety of original and distinctive styles, presented with a classic new age twist. For America, recently recovering from catastrophic tragedies related to the second World War, the 1950’s brought restored hope; a chance for a new way of life whose destiny would be decided by them alone. This metamorphosis of America was heavily represented by fashion.

Women especially dramatically altered the way they dressed and presented themselves; during the evolution of an increasingly liberated society, women began to favor casual, relaxed clothing over traditional dress rules and associated formality of previous decades. Some of the most admired new trends for women in the 1950’s included button-up sweaters with simple necklines, fitted blouses, and full knee-length skirts. However, the most prevalent fashion for women during this time was dresses. Most dresses were worn casually, and were accentuated with circle skirts, halter straps, or small collars. Evening wear dresses seemed soft yet daring, coming in many pastel hues and accompanied with bold ruffles, tulle trim, and dazzling velvet bows. The fitted evening wear of this period, which was usually sleeveless or strapless, was also emphasized with sheer silk.

Growing increasingly popular, the full skirts of the 1950’s needed some sort of support in order to maximize their look. To address this problem, Nylon petticoats were created exclusively to be worn in conjunction with full skirts to create fullness. Nylon was a favorable material because of its high quality and easy care wash. This fullness it created transformed the skirt who gave nothing more than a gentle swish, into a glamorous royal-like flutter. Another significant fashion of this period is the swing coat, developed in the last 1940’s by Jacques Fath. The silhouette of the swing coat was “designed perfectly to cover full skirts, and also ideal for the post war high pregnancy rate”. Another trend in the 1950’s was the “trapeze dress: a swinging dress almost triangular in shape and designed to be worn with low shoes and bouffant hairstyles.” The trapeze dress was later modified into a shorter baby doll tent style dress, which was popular in the next decade. Perhaps one of the most classic fashion garments from the 1950’s was Christian Dior’s H-line of 1954, which consisted of a slender tunic-style suit with a slim skirt. His other popular fashions during this period were his A and Y lines. Dior has long been a dominant force in the fashion world, especially in the 1950’s. His creative and usually voluminous garments gave women a more feminine touch. Another designer, Hubert Givenchy created a Parisian style dress in 1957 which he called the Sack. The Sack began the trend of straighter-waist dresses. Initially, it developed into the “fitted darted sheath dress and later into the loose straight short shift dress.”

Coco Chanel was another major fashion designer in the 1950’s. In contrast to popular full and flouncy skirts, Chanel began creating the boxy, now classic Chanel suit jackets and skirts in trimmed and textured tweed. The materials Chanel chose were always richly textured, which contributed to the finished product’s high prices. Chanel’s silhouette of her suits was completely straight, divinely lined with silk. Her look was classic, refined, and adorned with details. Chanel also accessorized many of her designs with strings of pearls and collarless jackets, both of which were considered fashionable in the 1950’s. One of the most classic trends from the 1950’s is the empire line, which was introduced in the late 1950’s. This style was applied to dresses and shirts mostly, and was adored by teenagers who looked innocently childlike, hence the coined phrase “baby doll style”. During the 1950’s, all teenagers were expected to dress like their elders. The empire line was also a striking contrast from what most mothers wore at the time, which contributed to its high approval among teenagers in America.

Until the 1950’s, the term “teenagers” was not commonly used, and certainly not a targeted market group. But with a new range of influences, including film, television, rock music, and magazines, teenagers began to be respected and acknowledged in the community. Often nicknamed the “Space Age”, the 1950’s was an important time in history for science and development as well. So many aspects of life changed during this period, perhaps partially attributed to the recent end of World War II. America had emerged from war with prosperity and a new identity. A new consumer-based society was “forging ahead, helped by such new developments as the credit card system” (Baker, 6). These innovative conditions however produced a similar effect on the fashion industry: while so many things in the lives of Americans were changing, they stayed clear from the radical, intense fashions while preferring the normalcy of standard trends. For once, being normal felt good. Another huge change in the 1950’s was the increased ownership of television sets. Popular television programs such as I Love Lucy connected Americans on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing a sense of unity in the country. Segregation was ended in 1954, which brought together black and white students for the first time though racial tensions were still high, and also birthed the existence of civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. Constant fears of communism reaching the states held many Americans tight with fear. More changes brought forth in the 1950’s include the discovery of DNA, the launching of the first space satellite, an increase of women in the work field, and of course, rock and roll. All of these economic, social, and political changes in the world affected the American citizens, and therefore the fashion industry.

Regardless of the world’s issues, the top fashions that drove the industry were more influenced by those who were idolized by the consumers: celebrities. Some of the most popular celebrities in the 1950’s include Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Ricky Nelson, and of course, Elvis Presley. Marilyn Monroe’s sexy yet simple style was a widely imitated across America, by women of all shapes and sizes. Elvis Presley was another huge influence in the 1950’s; not only was he adored by millions of girls, but he was also an inspiration for men. In a time where men only wore traditional attire, Elvis tore down all barriers which confined men to navy suits and ties. Elvis typically wore clothes that were more popular among the African American population. His wild pegged pants and zoot suits concerned the conservative community of America, who hardly approved of such a “gender bending, race-integrating star” (SOURCE). Elvis’ bright and baggy clothes, makeup, and so called obscene dancing all acted as evidence of his single handed destruction of the morals of America’s youth. Not all men followed the examples Elvis set however. In fact, more men in this time period dressed conventionally than not.

Most men in the 1950’s maintained clothes with casual and modest colors, including dark blue, dark brown, and charcoal. The occasional daring young man would wear pastel pink to stand out; a trend that was just gaining momentum in the 1950’s. Cardigan sweaters were popular among athletes, and older men. Additionally popular were fitted vests, plaid flannels, and collared jackets. There was flexibility in men’s casual wear, and was a common sight to see shirt tails sticking out. Basic fedora-style hats were also a staple item in the 1950’s for men.

Hats were also fashionable accessory for women in the 1950’s, for the reason that they were believed to add a final touch of glamour to any woman’s outfit. The pillbox hat, first introduced by Balenciaga and later modeled by Jackie Kennedy, became one of the trendiest accessories of the decade. Several glorious hat styles existed in the 1950’s. Some hats were covered in flower petals, while others were adorned with swirls of georgette. Gloves were also worn often by women, especially those of elite social status. Some were made of cotton, which was much more affordable than leather or nylon. Though gloves came in many colors and styles, clean gloves whose color was white or cream were the most favored. Fur trimmings and adorned collars were also extremely fashionable. Brooches too, were considered a glamorous accessory.

The 1950’s was a decade in which fashion changed dramatically from previous generations. Multiple influences from political debates, to economic issues, to new age celebrities and mass media all influenced the distinct styles and trends which identify the 1950’s. Recovering from the casualties of World War II brought a lasting change to America, which was reflected in the fashions of this decade. The American women craved glamorous simplicity in their new lives, and as a new and liberated society evolved, the women of America began to liberate themselves by choosing which fashions they felt depicted them best. Not only were the 1950’s important in history, but they also greatly transformed the face of fashion in America.


Everything That A Consumer Should Know About Buying Fashion Online

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Online fashion shopping is rapidly gaining popularity and the reason behind it is the ease and convenience that it carries with itself. The utmost craze about online fashion shopping is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home and travel a long way to the retail store. You can browse through a huge section of collection and procure them by just clicking on few buttons. In some instances, online players or retailers carry more items than the actual outlets.

You will find several online players offering different sorts of clothes. Even though this is the case where not all consumers could be provided with best quality products, therefore, be aware of while you shop online for items that are supposed to be added to your collection. However, here are a few tips to keep in mind before you go for buying fashion online:

Fresh Gaze with an Extensive Range of Collections:

Do your online fashion shopping with retailers presenting the latest trends. It is clearly seen that the world of fashion keeps on changing constantly and only a few can keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, you need to keep yourself updated about what is in and what’s out, and apply this knowledge while shopping online.

Reasonable Prices:

Branded clothes are always more expensive, but this does not mean you should go with the first thing you find, as you need to make sure that you are getting value for your money. You can always spend a little more on clothing staple including a classic t-shirt. You can even use this for various occasions for having a product that will last longer which would worth the extra bucks. In addition, when you go for brand, you need to accept to spend a little more.

Style References:

For featuring a particular look on a model and listing down the items for carrying out the collection is a clever tool to look out for various style suggestions. This tool will come with practical knowledge for those who have difficulty while mixing and matching several items. With the help of these tools, professional stylists put these looks together and further helps in buying the total package while ensuring you with a new look.

Detailed Sizing Charts:

The biggest disadvantage of buying fashion online is that the person buying the product is not even able to try on the clothes before purchasing. Therefore, a detailed sizing chart could be a solution to this problem. This significant tool will definitely help you in figuring out which outfit suits your body type.

Keeping all these points in mind can make online fashion shopping easy and a more pleasant experience for all.


Fashion Tips & Advice to Improve Your Lifestyle

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you will typically describe our attitudes, interests and is an important part of our personal identity. The media uses the term lifestyle is a large number of ways. Financial health, it has a meaning varied over many areas of our lives.

in the media really the term was introduced in the 1950’s and at the time that was used to describe a particular style or art. Since its introduction now all use the word to determine where we are in society and the lifestyle we choose to continue ultimately leads us in our own ways separate and different.

all are looking for ways to improve our lives and constantly giving us tips and advice on how we can get more healthy or how we can improve our style or fashion. With all the different places that offers advice, can be confusing and conflicting. Some people may resort to magazines or friends and other people looking for information online through blogs.

looking to improve their lifestyle in any way can be a big decision and a lot of people reach them want to change look or eat. Choose a healthier way of life has become a priority for the majority of people as all are looking for the best place for the Council and ourselves teach skills we need to achieve our health goals.

fashion advice and tips blogs search tends to be a great starting point, we have the opportunity to meet a wide range of different subjects, often covered by very passionate people. For example, if you decide that you want to get more in shape, you can go online and find out about the best exercise plan for you, all of which eventually will help improve their health and fitness levels.

fashion is another place to look when we want to improve our way of life. Clothing has the innate ability to make us feel special, safe and unique or individual. Many of us do not take the time to think about buying clothes that fit our personality and find inspiration and advice of an expert can be a liberating experience.

when you’re able to walk down the street and feel safe and happy in what you are using, you can have a very positive effect and essentially has the power to improve your lifestyle. Confidence will allow you to make other decisions in your life that may seem unattainable before. Even something as simple as trying to that new bridge can make you feel better and happier within you.

the expression “fashion is passion” is very true for so many people and we are all spoiled for choice in the search for clothes and shoes you want to use. Fashion has the power to connect to friends, communities come together and make us feel happy and comfortable about who we are and how we express ourselves.

way really have the power to improve your lifestyle and find a place or someone you can find advice and tips is now easier than ever. Search online so that a person can relate to and I want to learn from is one exciting part of their identities.


Is Fashion A Tool For Self-Realization?

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the standard clothing of women and girls was for centuries a dress and a skirt with blouse and within these types of clothing designs for special occasions and holiday events were created.

put the social restrictions on women lost their grip around 1910 in the Western world; women more independent and took career. Mass production of clothing had developed rapidly and fashion for women accessible, affordable and more variety was available. Prior to this, the fashion was reserved for the rich and the rich.

are granted more rights and co-management in society and public life, women became aware of the need to reflect its role recently adapted clothing carrying. Equipped with a growing self-esteem and desire to dress in styles to their different personalities, were needed new fashion styles.

up to 1920, women’s skirts reached to the ankle and in the era of the “roaring twenties” a sudden change took place. First mile stone was reached, when women discovered the beauty of her legs and was worth show. The result was that the hem of dresses and skirts began to fluctuate between the ankles and knees.

physical constraints such as shaping were removed and replaced by Bras that flattened the bust. Focus on the waist disappeared completely, instead the hips were decorated with bands of session loose, creating a curveless style. The “boyish Look” become a female revolution, not only in the history of the women’s fashion but the general role of women in society.

the first style of short hair in the history of women, called “the bob”, was introduced and adopted with enthusiasm by the female gender. For many it was a symbol of liberation from the traditional hair longer, for others is simply the fact that keeping short hair is more convenient.

sets separate sweater and pleated skirt grew more popular by the day and costumes, dresses, girls and women working. Participate in companies and part of the staff in the offices, costumes were as a statement of change that women were looking for a way to find their place in a world which was ruled by men. Fashion straight cut style lasted a decade, and the release of traditional clothes proceeded with high speed in 1930.

in 1930 women replace fashion straight cut with one style more in keeping with her femininity. The elegant, slim lines and a natural waist enjoyed a growing popularity. Female forms were accepted again and he also emphasized. The length of skirts and dresses stayed for almost a decade in the middle of the calf, which today we call “Midi”. At the end of the 30s the hem had finished 6 inches below the knee where it remained until the 1940s. Lightly padded shoulders gave a hint what would be the fashion in the 1940s.

in “1940s” attention to fashion had not so much space as many women wanted. The women had to replace the labour force of men in factories and service industries, because the men went to fight in World War 2. Women had to be mother and father to her children and maintain the functioning of the nation. They took on roles that were hitherto reserved for men only. Fashion was held then simple; the clothes had to last a time. However it could look attractively and the most striking difference with latest styles was square padded shoulders, which are a kind of symbol for these years: a woman had to his land and needed wider shoulders to carry the load. Skirts and dresses ended just above the knee and were adapted for a small waist. Most popular at this time was composed of skirt and jacket suit.

pants, reserved until then for the male gender, also became a garment for women. Presented in a film by a female actress wearing a suit with pants and tie and impressive attraction, created the “Marlene Dietrich look”. The trousers reached to the waist and closes with a zipper on the side. Using a fly of trousers women not even cross the mind of designers; It was simply out of the question. However the success of pants was true; he conquered the hearts of the women in the Western world by storm and since then great fashion.

in 1947, the “New Look” caught the attention of women, change the “look of fashion of utility” of wartime. With the return of the men, femininity in fashion was also. The women wanted to see beautiful and desirable; Therefore the female instinct of the “New Look” created by Christian Dior was greeted with enthusiasm. Rounded shoulders, bust accentuated lines and a clearly defined waist mark dresses, coats and suits. Half-circle, with ruffle dresses and skirts, were extremely popular. Collections offer designs more versatile, braids skirts above the knee dresses that ended just below the calf.

created in the streets of America was the fashion of girls. Bobby socks, skirts sweaters and knee length sports was the end of the 40ies their favorite fashions. This was quickly picked up by the fashion industry after having discovered a new target group.

adolescent had the feeling that were very different from their parents. Rock and Roll, film, television, and magazines in the 50ies confirm this feeling that all of these trends were in the majority of cases not understood by parents or adopted. The cheerful fashion industry met the need for these young people to be different. Jeans, t-shirts, leather and denim jackets were introduced and got teen fashion. More rights to make own decisions was given to young people, more variety and fashion styles are in malls and boutiques.

during the 50ies presented the fashion has changed dramatically. Collections did not last a decade, but they changed to two collections a year. A wide variety of clothing was available from the full circle, ruffled skirts, supported by petticoats starched for popular dirndl dress. The 50ies brought to running and new patterns to choose women. Cotton skirts with a tropical landscape with Palm trees, beach and a sunset printed all or cute, slim fit, polka dot ¾ which highlight a beautiful figure. Creativity broke out in Paris, after a time of hunger and fear of not surviving the next day. Life is lived to the fullest in Western Europe and America.

fashion accelerated in the 60’s. A rebirth of the “Marlene Dietrich” the introduction of the miniskirt celebrates its success so far. Followed by the Look Hippie, Gypsy meaning: girls wore shirts Indian transparent Batista bras and long skirts or velvet bell bottom pants with embroidered tops, leaving his bare belly. Jeans had reached the status of evergreens and dresses of teenagers to Daddies. Cultured women could wear what they wanted, whether it’s a mini skirt or ankle, figure-hugging narrow skirts or a suit with a rainbow color blouse, pretty much everything was fashionable.

a loop to a more conservative style was tried in the mid-70s. To convince women to choose a skirt mid-calf as the length of only available fashion on a mini skirt failed miserably. Women require both and the fashion industry offers since then.

end 70 children were finally heard and since then the designers also create fashion for children. Children are allowed to choose among a great diversity of styles and tendencies and have voice in how they dress up and have a clear idea of how they want to see.

fashion is to collect the social trends and reflects the roles of groups within a society. It is an extension of people’s personalities and self-realization Express tool. It seems that also reflected as soon as these groups are allowed to express themselves freely in a creative way, without obstacles.


What Is Fashion Production?

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to understand fully what fashion production is, it is very important to have a glimpse of what the term “fashion”. In general, fashion refers to different styles of practices in the area of clothing, make-up, accessories and furniture. In a strict sense, the term only refers to tendencies in the USA or in clothes. Therefore, the production of fashion as shown in this review is only limited to clothing, dresses, dresses and gowns.

fashion production refers to the clothing actually has come a very long way. Basically, the term refers to the manufacture of various types of clothing materials, dresses and accessories from fashion. Several factors have always influenced the production process. Over the years, there have been really various types of fashion outfits. Many of them have a cultural and traditional background. In ancient times, the use of local materials as an animal skin and skin in the production of the costumes people put on. Different kinds of styles of clothing were also produced through the local media. However, there was a notable improvement in the production of fashion during the period of the end of the 18th century industrial revolution. It was a time of great awakening that spread across Europe, America and other continents of the world. The era witnessed the creation of different plants of production of fashion in Europe and other continents. Several manufacturers of fashion emerged. Also different types of models and approaches were introduced in the production process. Lots of quality clothing materials, dresses fashion and accessories were also produced.

in modern times, the fashion production is still in progress. The fashion in the modern times industry is moving at a very high speed. Different types of approaches have been introduced. It is also the infusion of technology in the production of clothing materials. Different type of sophisticated sewing machines and tools have been invented. The days when fashion production is only limited to local tailor or dressmaker on the street are. Today, large corporations have entered the fashion business. Several fashion brands have been established. There have been lots of readymade garments men of USA, usa women and even kids wear.

again, fashion production is now a very lucrative course in colleges and universities. Those interested can go through the process of education for degrees in the area of the production of cloth bag. Great innovative ideas have always emerged from the process of education of fashion. The results are also quite obvious. The world is witnessing an increase of fashion trends in each year. Different kinds of fashion products and accessories are all over the place. The fact fashion industry is really thriving in several Nations of the world. Great fashion, companies, retail outlets selling plants are operating in several countries.

Finally, production of fashion has also gone on the way of the internet. Great way to many companies now operate online. A lot of innovative ideas of fashion can be found online. Different types of dresses fashion and accessories are also marketed online. Sale by major and minor fashion marketing are also causing waves on the internet. Mass production of fashion products is also thriving on the internet. The world is witnessing much as the fashion industry remains high.


Traditional Chinese Elements in Fashion

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as everyone knows, China is a country that has a long history. The Chinese civilization gave birth to a unique Chinese style. Chinese-style fashion is a form of Chinese elements based on the traditional oriental culture and custom. The combination of Chinese elements adapt to global trends. Especially after the 2008 Olympic Games, Chinese-style shoes and clothing gradually became popular. Many designers of world class focus on the addition of traditional Chinese elements in new fashion trend.

after spending most of the time in the city, the modern women should leave that his soul is a quiet and relax in the pure land. For many people, it is difficult to achieve this. Traditional senior designers use silk cotton as main material to make thin and breathable clothes which makes it feel comfortable and relaxed at the same time, keep his spirit. Chinese clothing modern is designed with soft colors and showing a dignified and elegant image. The search for the Chinese lifestyle freedom and equality, as well as the native of Zen that is simple but have a deep meaning.

designed for young women in a modern city and fully consider all aspects of life, a range of stylish accessories Chinese traditional appear in the exhibition. Women living in the Yangtze River delta are getting used to wear embroidered flower flat shoes. With a paper umbrella oiled in the hand, a pretty girl walking in a long quiet, just like a fascinating classical picture.

at the same time, China popular style jewelry made by hand also become popular. In the central area of China, some housewives using the original method to make Chinese canvas style bags that are received by tourists from all over the world. In fact, the sense of Chinese-style fashion is ahead of China 5 thousand years of splendid culture and unique character. For example, China is the birthplace of the red, the red color is a very important part of the traditional customs. Derived from Red auspiciousness of China, red is a color of decoration, party, and prayer for the well-being. Another example is the model of national print dress Chinese is different from the concept of Western dress in performance, its greatest feature is the blessing of connotation. The key lies in maintaining a personality of ethnic style and country.

now Chinese elements in clothes and jewelry have reached the stage of fashion world, more and more people are focusing their eyes this unique historic country that has unique cultural characteristics of charm and personality.


History Of Renaissance Clothing – How Today’s Fashion Is Affected

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during the period of the Renaissance, often wore made and highly decorated clothing that was hand crafted from a variety of finishes and rich and expensive fabrics. In fact, the richest family was the most ornate and expensive was the Renaissance clothes. Her outfit was one of the main methods to indicate size and wealth during the Renaissance era.

the history of the Renaissance clothes is one of rich and ornate design. There are a number of elements that can help identify this period in history and the fashion of the time. One can still see the influence of this era in today’s fashion.

where men are concerned, one of the most important pieces of used clothing was the fly. This was used to cover the area which is known as the fly in pants. This piece was sometimes exaggerated by what will become the center of attention. There were different bindings that were used to keep this closed area.

today is a large part of the heavy metal and pop rock bands. In these modern performances are usually made of leather. In contrast to the period from which it originated, is not used to accentuate this area as much, but to draw attention to the design. There are many male artists in other genres that have used the fly as well.

for women, the corset became popular during this period of time. It was used to create a slender shape and the acceptable ideal of the time. There are some people who think that this was uncomfortable because of the myths that have been told. But, in many ways it was useful, especially for those who have back problems.

today there are many variations of the corset which are used in other types of formal wear and wedding dresses. Women artists used them as well as on certain occasions. Corsets can also be found at costume parties. There are some women who use the corset so that you can create a smaller waist.

these are just two of the most important issues in the history of the Renaissance clothing. It was a time of extravagance and this is seen especially by the rich who took advantage of luxury fabrics that were available to them. Today you can see the influences of this period of time in the fashion world.


Fashion and Teenagers

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adolescents represent the transition period in adulthood. Adolescents begin to develop their independence and their unique opinion about the problems of life. The trend of fashion has changed a little since the days when the Indians established stores in the United States of America. When it comes to shopping, teenagers as to choose her own clothes and fashion at this time of his life. Sometimes teens and parents are agree that clothing purchase, they are sometimes at odds.

adolescence can be called “Years of acne”. These years can become nightmares that often continue into adulthood. Many products are available without bringing the desired results. We have products that will eliminate these nightmares.

useful in the development of identity

some statements of teen fashion is going to be crazy but could be bearable. If you come with something that really covers, be sure to give them a good eye roll. You can encourage them to use that style. You might think it looks funny, but at least they are covered. It should be your primary concern. You can set the law when you see a teen fashion appears to be too revealing, but you can further in that direction.

Although it goes and comes from Teen fashion and expect that the main purpose of these trends is to make sure that nothing like their parents dress. Teenagers have a strong need to define his own style and what their own identity apart from their parents. That is a perfectly normal part of growing, and if a father does not roll your eyes only slightly when adolescents see fashions, teens are going to be confused and may try another thing. It might be a good thing to keep in mind.

adolescents have a greater selection of clothes than ever. From funds, pants and outerwear, juniors and women’s jeans styles, youth and sports clothes is a great way to live your youth.


Impact of Fast Fashion on Society

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Fast fashion refers to clothing that arrives directly from the catwalk to the store. Many designers brands such as H & M, Zara and pioneer 21 had moved to this culture of total productivity. In addition, the quick response method and the increase of the efficiency of the supply chain have helped customers stay up-to-date with recent trends in fashion technology. However, the industry of the clothing suffers of some inconvenient main, including their participation mass in the space of environment.

according to Fisher, the General Director of Fisher 21, “the fashion industry is the second largest polluter of the environment after oil wells”. In the United Kingdom, each year around 35 tons of clothes are dumped in landfill sites most of them is made of nylon and polyester, which are not biodegradable in nature. 90% of the clothes is imported from the United States and large scale transport is achieved through the use of the boiler fuel low driven ships toxic nitrous oxide emitted and is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

the other problem includes damaging labor where workers are subjected to poor working conditions to work in minimum wage due to the absence of breakdown of labour costs.

children working in the frog factory square said they were made to work all day with intervals of no and were paid less than a dollar a day. Asked a day off due to illness and were severely beaten and struck the rubber in the mouth as a result of which many of them fell sick and died.

the story of pregnant women was no different that it provides no maternity leave and they were continually threatened by abortion if not do its job.

apart from the labor of poor quality fast fashion had a great impact on the designers of the world. Asked about what he feels about the industry of fast fashion, Shivam France fashion designer replied: “fast fashion nothing better that the seller has made us, designers do not have any space for creativity, they have to copy designs from other brands, because there is always a pressure of the heads of marketing.”

a big step to sustainable fashion would be forgetting that it democratizes fashion style and has a role to play in global capitalism. Fast fashion would hit the barricade with growing awareness the customer of their harmful effects, the importance given to the phrase “making our clothes” and promote the reuse of clothes or selling or donating to the needy.

our clothes is so cheap that raise them wages and consequently, prices would improve the life of development of them workers of the world but for this, have that pass something of our wallets. retailers and distributors, as well as the Government federal, must strive is by meet certain worker basic and protection environmental along all the length of the chains of supply, wherever in the world these can extend is.

implementation of strict labor laws ensuring adequate working conditions pay educational fees and health services given the workers.

should have a provision of recreation and rest periodically between the hours of work, the establishment of rehabilitation programmes and the periodic inspection by officials of the Government of the conditions of factory work. Stop the “unauthorized production,” in which a contractor subcontracts manufacturing to a factory without authorization, potentially one that does not meet internationally recognized or even company requires labour, production or construction of standards.

remember that if everyone is doing their part to a small step is large a radical change to the society.