I Needed to Have a Cavity Filled

I knew that I needed to see a dentist in Roseville CA when the pain in my mouth would not go away. I thought that I just had something stuck between my teeth, even though I flossed several times. When the pain persisted, I knew I should have it checked. I honestly did not think it was a cavity though because I brush my teeth at least three times a day, and sometimes even more. I meet a lot of people every day with my work, and the last thing I want is an ugly smile or bad breath.

I was out of town on business when this happened, and I honestly did not want to wait until the following week when I would be home. That is why I started looking at different dentists in Roseville, which is where I was at. It was harder for me because I didn’t know which ones were good, and which ones were just mediocre. Thank goodness I was able to look at some online reviews, which really helped me make a good decision on which dentist to visit.

When I called and explained the problem, I was told that I could come in that afternoon. The pain was not horrible but it was bad enough for me to take that appointment. I was amazed when the dentist told me that it was indeed a cavity, mainly because I do take such good care of my teeth. I was missing something somewhere though, and I will definitely take even better care of my teeth in the future. Al lthat mattered to me that day was that the dentist was able to fill my tooth, and the pain was gone instantly when he did that. Even when I smile big, the filling cannot be seen, and I am really pleased with that!

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