Impact of Fast Fashion on Society


Fast fashion refers to clothing that arrives directly from the catwalk to the store. Many designers brands such as H & M, Zara and pioneer 21 had moved to this culture of total productivity. In addition, the quick response method and the increase of the efficiency of the supply chain have helped customers stay up-to-date with recent trends in fashion technology. However, the industry of the clothing suffers of some inconvenient main, including their participation mass in the space of environment.

according to Fisher, the General Director of Fisher 21, “the fashion industry is the second largest polluter of the environment after oil wells”. In the United Kingdom, each year around 35 tons of clothes are dumped in landfill sites most of them is made of nylon and polyester, which are not biodegradable in nature. 90% of the clothes is imported from the United States and large scale transport is achieved through the use of the boiler fuel low driven ships toxic nitrous oxide emitted and is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

the other problem includes damaging labor where workers are subjected to poor working conditions to work in minimum wage due to the absence of breakdown of labour costs.

children working in the frog factory square said they were made to work all day with intervals of no and were paid less than a dollar a day. Asked a day off due to illness and were severely beaten and struck the rubber in the mouth as a result of which many of them fell sick and died.

the story of pregnant women was no different that it provides no maternity leave and they were continually threatened by abortion if not do its job.

apart from the labor of poor quality fast fashion had a great impact on the designers of the world. Asked about what he feels about the industry of fast fashion, Shivam France fashion designer replied: “fast fashion nothing better that the seller has made us, designers do not have any space for creativity, they have to copy designs from other brands, because there is always a pressure of the heads of marketing.”

a big step to sustainable fashion would be forgetting that it democratizes fashion style and has a role to play in global capitalism. Fast fashion would hit the barricade with growing awareness the customer of their harmful effects, the importance given to the phrase “making our clothes” and promote the reuse of clothes or selling or donating to the needy.

our clothes is so cheap that raise them wages and consequently, prices would improve the life of development of them workers of the world but for this, have that pass something of our wallets. retailers and distributors, as well as the Government federal, must strive is by meet certain worker basic and protection environmental along all the length of the chains of supply, wherever in the world these can extend is.

implementation of strict labor laws ensuring adequate working conditions pay educational fees and health services given the workers.

should have a provision of recreation and rest periodically between the hours of work, the establishment of rehabilitation programmes and the periodic inspection by officials of the Government of the conditions of factory work. Stop the “unauthorized production,” in which a contractor subcontracts manufacturing to a factory without authorization, potentially one that does not meet internationally recognized or even company requires labour, production or construction of standards.

remember that if everyone is doing their part to a small step is large a radical change to the society.


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