It Feels Like We Are Home Again

My husband and I both grew up in Texas but moved to New York when we were first married. That was nearly a dozen years ago, and now we are getting ready to head back to the place we have both been missing for way too long. We were contemplating between getting a house or an apartment, and we finally decided to settle in at Regency at Outlook Canyon until we could get used to the area again. This was the first time either of us had been back since we left, and we knew that things had probably changed.

I had looked at different apartments that are close to where my husband now works. The Regency complex was the nicest one of all the different apartments in the area, and it is only about a ten minute drive to his work. Considering that he used to drive over an hour round trip, his new commute time is like a walk in the park for him. The apartment that we found too is really nice. It is a two bedroom because he wants a home office. Even though he drives into work every day, he still brings a lot home with him too. He wanted a separate room for that.

I don’t work right now, but I do volunteer with a few of the other women I met at the apartment complex. We met in the clubhouse, and I started going to their church. Both of us went, but I have more time to help with the volunteer activities, especially since we can plan different things right there at the pool at the complex or the fitness center in addition to the clubhouse. It feels so good to be back home, and I hope we never have to leave Texas again. I don’t even want to leave Regency, because it finally feels like we are home again.

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