Job Interview Turns into Need for DWI Lawyer

My husband had traveled to New York for an extended job interview. The manufacturing company was looking to hire a plant manager and my husband was a great fit for the job. After the formal interview, the owner of the company took my husband out for dinner and a few drinks. Jokingly, my husband’s future boss said he should keep the name of dwi lawyer in Saratoga NY handy as the plant workers liked to party after work every Friday. Little did my husband know, but he would need to find an attorney that very evening when his future boss was pulled over while driving my husband back to his hotel.

My husband said they were a couple of blocks away from his hotel when he saw the red flashing lights behind them. He tried to tell his boss that there was a police car right behind them, but he kept on driving believing he was after the car ahead of them. When he finally pulled over, the police officer was not terribly pleased that it took so long for him to pull over and claimed he had been behind them with his lights flashing for over a mile. My husband doubted this, but kept quiet as his new boss was made to touch to his nose with his eyes closed, walk in a straight line and was administered a breath test.

After the arrest, my husband walked back to his hotel unsure of what to do. His flight out was the next afternoon and he was expected to appear for a meeting with his boss the next morning to discuss his new job and our move to New York. When he arrived at the plant’s office and was called into his boss’s office, he said he acted as if nothing had happened at all the previous evening, but he was pretty sure the higher-than-anticipated salary offered was a little bit of hush money.

My husband did not tell a soul except for me and his boss never spoke of the incident again.

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