Our New Concrete Driveway is Used More Like a Backyard Patio

We have a wide and long driveway leading up to our garage that is set back from the road. It has become quite the focal point for neighbors in the summer. We have a basketball hoop set up, and the kids as well as us old guys shoot some hoops. We sit just inside the garage on folding camp chairs when we need a break from the sun, and my wife set up a patio table and umbrella for playing cards with the wives of the guys that hang out here. A concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY is the one that gave us such a nice and inviting driveway. We had it colored in a nice pattern of brick reds. It looks great and the surface is great for everything from basketball to operating remote-controlled cars. The kids can still draw on the surface using sidewalk chalk that washes off in the rain, and the little kids ride their tricycles and Big Wheels on it. The width and length of the driveway make it like the perfect giant patio for entertaining.

I moved our big barbecue grill out in front and put it up against the fence next to the garage. We entertain more out here than we do in the back yard, so the grill being where the people are at makes more sense. Plus, it causes the neighbors to bring over a plate of meat to grill up instead of us always footing the bill. We enjoy using our driveway out front. In the evening I pull out a portable fire ring that operates off of propane. It only takes a minute or so to set up, and we gather around and talk late into the night on Friday nights when the weather is good. We make the best use of our new concrete driveway. Much more than just using it to get the cars back and forth to the garage.

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