It Feels Like We Are Home Again

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My husband and I both grew up in Texas but moved to New York when we were first married. That was nearly a dozen years ago, and now we are getting ready to head back to the place we have both been missing for way too long. We were contemplating between getting a house or an apartment, and we finally decided to settle in at Regency at Outlook Canyon until we could get used to the area again. This was the first time either of us had been back since we left, and we knew that things had probably changed.

I had looked at different apartments that are close to where my husband now works. The Regency complex was the nicest one of all the different apartments in the area, and it is only about a ten minute drive to his work. Continue reading

Our New Concrete Driveway is Used More Like a Backyard Patio

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We have a wide and long driveway leading up to our garage that is set back from the road. It has become quite the focal point for neighbors in the summer. We have a basketball hoop set up, and the kids as well as us old guys shoot some hoops. We sit just inside the garage on folding camp chairs when we need a break from the sun, and my wife set up a patio table and umbrella for playing cards with the wives of the guys that hang out here. A concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY is the one that gave us such a nice and inviting driveway. We had it colored in a nice pattern of brick reds. It looks great and the surface is great for everything from basketball to operating remote-controlled cars. The kids can still draw on the surface using sidewalk chalk that washes off in the rain, and the little kids ride their tricycles and Big Wheels on it. The width and length of the driveway make it like the perfect giant patio for entertaining. Continue reading

What Is Fashion Production?

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to understand fully what fashion production is, it is very important to have a glimpse of what the term “fashion”. In general, fashion refers to different styles of practices in the area of clothing, make-up, accessories and furniture. In a strict sense, the term only refers to tendencies in the USA or in clothes. Therefore, the production of fashion as shown in this review is only limited to clothing, dresses, dresses and gowns.

fashion production refers to the clothing actually has come a very long way. Basically, the term refers to the manufacture of various types of clothing materials, dresses and accessories from fashion. Several factors have always influenced the production process. Over the years, there have been really various types of fashion outfits. Many of them have a cultural and traditional background. In ancient times, the use of local materials as an animal skin and skin in the production of the costumes people put on. Different kinds of styles of clothing were also produced through the local media. However, there was a notable improvement in the production of fashion during the period of the end of the 18th century industrial revolution. It was a time of great awakening that spread across Europe, America and other continents of the world. The era witnessed the creation of different plants of production of fashion in Europe and other continents. Several manufacturers of fashion emerged. Also different types of models and approaches were introduced in the production process. Lots of quality clothing materials, dresses fashion and accessories were also produced.

in modern times, the fashion production is still in progress. The fashion in the modern times industry is moving at a very high speed. Different types of approaches have been introduced. It is also the infusion of technology in the production of clothing materials. Different type of sophisticated sewing machines and tools have been invented. The days when fashion production is only limited to local tailor or dressmaker on the street are. Today, large corporations have entered the fashion business. Several fashion brands have been established. There have been lots of readymade garments men of USA, usa women and even kids wear.

again, fashion production is now a very lucrative course in colleges and universities. Those interested can go through the process of education for degrees in the area of the production of cloth bag. Great innovative ideas have always emerged from the process of education of fashion. The results are also quite obvious. The world is witnessing an increase of fashion trends in each year. Different kinds of fashion products and accessories are all over the place. The fact fashion industry is really thriving in several Nations of the world. Great fashion, companies, retail outlets selling plants are operating in several countries.

Finally, production of fashion has also gone on the way of the internet. Great way to many companies now operate online. A lot of innovative ideas of fashion can be found online. Different types of dresses fashion and accessories are also marketed online. Sale by major and minor fashion marketing are also causing waves on the internet. Mass production of fashion products is also thriving on the internet. The world is witnessing much as the fashion industry remains high.


Traditional Chinese Elements in Fashion

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as everyone knows, China is a country that has a long history. The Chinese civilization gave birth to a unique Chinese style. Chinese-style fashion is a form of Chinese elements based on the traditional oriental culture and custom. The combination of Chinese elements adapt to global trends. Especially after the 2008 Olympic Games, Chinese-style shoes and clothing gradually became popular. Many designers of world class focus on the addition of traditional Chinese elements in new fashion trend.

after spending most of the time in the city, the modern women should leave that his soul is a quiet and relax in the pure land. For many people, it is difficult to achieve this. Traditional senior designers use silk cotton as main material to make thin and breathable clothes which makes it feel comfortable and relaxed at the same time, keep his spirit. Chinese clothing modern is designed with soft colors and showing a dignified and elegant image. The search for the Chinese lifestyle freedom and equality, as well as the native of Zen that is simple but have a deep meaning.

designed for young women in a modern city and fully consider all aspects of life, a range of stylish accessories Chinese traditional appear in the exhibition. Women living in the Yangtze River delta are getting used to wear embroidered flower flat shoes. With a paper umbrella oiled in the hand, a pretty girl walking in a long quiet, just like a fascinating classical picture.

at the same time, China popular style jewelry made by hand also become popular. In the central area of China, some housewives using the original method to make Chinese canvas style bags that are received by tourists from all over the world. In fact, the sense of Chinese-style fashion is ahead of China 5 thousand years of splendid culture and unique character. For example, China is the birthplace of the red, the red color is a very important part of the traditional customs. Derived from Red auspiciousness of China, red is a color of decoration, party, and prayer for the well-being. Another example is the model of national print dress Chinese is different from the concept of Western dress in performance, its greatest feature is the blessing of connotation. The key lies in maintaining a personality of ethnic style and country.

now Chinese elements in clothes and jewelry have reached the stage of fashion world, more and more people are focusing their eyes this unique historic country that has unique cultural characteristics of charm and personality.


History Of Renaissance Clothing – How Today’s Fashion Is Affected

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during the period of the Renaissance, often wore made and highly decorated clothing that was hand crafted from a variety of finishes and rich and expensive fabrics. In fact, the richest family was the most ornate and expensive was the Renaissance clothes. Her outfit was one of the main methods to indicate size and wealth during the Renaissance era.

the history of the Renaissance clothes is one of rich and ornate design. There are a number of elements that can help identify this period in history and the fashion of the time. One can still see the influence of this era in today’s fashion.

where men are concerned, one of the most important pieces of used clothing was the fly. This was used to cover the area which is known as the fly in pants. This piece was sometimes exaggerated by what will become the center of attention. There were different bindings that were used to keep this closed area.

today is a large part of the heavy metal and pop rock bands. In these modern performances are usually made of leather. In contrast to the period from which it originated, is not used to accentuate this area as much, but to draw attention to the design. There are many male artists in other genres that have used the fly as well.

for women, the corset became popular during this period of time. It was used to create a slender shape and the acceptable ideal of the time. There are some people who think that this was uncomfortable because of the myths that have been told. But, in many ways it was useful, especially for those who have back problems.

today there are many variations of the corset which are used in other types of formal wear and wedding dresses. Women artists used them as well as on certain occasions. Corsets can also be found at costume parties. There are some women who use the corset so that you can create a smaller waist.

these are just two of the most important issues in the history of the Renaissance clothing. It was a time of extravagance and this is seen especially by the rich who took advantage of luxury fabrics that were available to them. Today you can see the influences of this period of time in the fashion world.


Fashion and Teenagers

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adolescents represent the transition period in adulthood. Adolescents begin to develop their independence and their unique opinion about the problems of life. The trend of fashion has changed a little since the days when the Indians established stores in the United States of America. When it comes to shopping, teenagers as to choose her own clothes and fashion at this time of his life. Sometimes teens and parents are agree that clothing purchase, they are sometimes at odds.

adolescence can be called “Years of acne”. These years can become nightmares that often continue into adulthood. Many products are available without bringing the desired results. We have products that will eliminate these nightmares.

useful in the development of identity

some statements of teen fashion is going to be crazy but could be bearable. If you come with something that really covers, be sure to give them a good eye roll. You can encourage them to use that style. You might think it looks funny, but at least they are covered. It should be your primary concern. You can set the law when you see a teen fashion appears to be too revealing, but you can further in that direction.

Although it goes and comes from Teen fashion and expect that the main purpose of these trends is to make sure that nothing like their parents dress. Teenagers have a strong need to define his own style and what their own identity apart from their parents. That is a perfectly normal part of growing, and if a father does not roll your eyes only slightly when adolescents see fashions, teens are going to be confused and may try another thing. It might be a good thing to keep in mind.

adolescents have a greater selection of clothes than ever. From funds, pants and outerwear, juniors and women’s jeans styles, youth and sports clothes is a great way to live your youth.


Impact of Fast Fashion on Society

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Fast fashion refers to clothing that arrives directly from the catwalk to the store. Many designers brands such as H & M, Zara and pioneer 21 had moved to this culture of total productivity. In addition, the quick response method and the increase of the efficiency of the supply chain have helped customers stay up-to-date with recent trends in fashion technology. However, the industry of the clothing suffers of some inconvenient main, including their participation mass in the space of environment.

according to Fisher, the General Director of Fisher 21, “the fashion industry is the second largest polluter of the environment after oil wells”. In the United Kingdom, each year around 35 tons of clothes are dumped in landfill sites most of them is made of nylon and polyester, which are not biodegradable in nature. 90% of the clothes is imported from the United States and large scale transport is achieved through the use of the boiler fuel low driven ships toxic nitrous oxide emitted and is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

the other problem includes damaging labor where workers are subjected to poor working conditions to work in minimum wage due to the absence of breakdown of labour costs.

children working in the frog factory square said they were made to work all day with intervals of no and were paid less than a dollar a day. Asked a day off due to illness and were severely beaten and struck the rubber in the mouth as a result of which many of them fell sick and died.

the story of pregnant women was no different that it provides no maternity leave and they were continually threatened by abortion if not do its job.

apart from the labor of poor quality fast fashion had a great impact on the designers of the world. Asked about what he feels about the industry of fast fashion, Shivam France fashion designer replied: “fast fashion nothing better that the seller has made us, designers do not have any space for creativity, they have to copy designs from other brands, because there is always a pressure of the heads of marketing.”

a big step to sustainable fashion would be forgetting that it democratizes fashion style and has a role to play in global capitalism. Fast fashion would hit the barricade with growing awareness the customer of their harmful effects, the importance given to the phrase “making our clothes” and promote the reuse of clothes or selling or donating to the needy.

our clothes is so cheap that raise them wages and consequently, prices would improve the life of development of them workers of the world but for this, have that pass something of our wallets. retailers and distributors, as well as the Government federal, must strive is by meet certain worker basic and protection environmental along all the length of the chains of supply, wherever in the world these can extend is.

implementation of strict labor laws ensuring adequate working conditions pay educational fees and health services given the workers.

should have a provision of recreation and rest periodically between the hours of work, the establishment of rehabilitation programmes and the periodic inspection by officials of the Government of the conditions of factory work. Stop the “unauthorized production,” in which a contractor subcontracts manufacturing to a factory without authorization, potentially one that does not meet internationally recognized or even company requires labour, production or construction of standards.

remember that if everyone is doing their part to a small step is large a radical change to the society.


Simple Homemade Bath Bombs Recipes

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Bath Bombs are a great option for stocking-stuffer or a handcrafted Christmas present. It is recommended to make a large mountain at the start of the Xmas to carry on hand for last-minute workplace gift exchanges or gifts.

There are lots of creative ways to enhance your bath bombs to show them into truly exceptional presents. The local craft shop will probably take various Christmas themed soap forms which can be an excellent means to make bath bombs. You may also find tons of soap form choices online.

Should youn’t need to spend the additional cash on vacation forms (or you have procrastinated and it is too late to have them sent!), there are tons of choices for decorating simple round ones.

There are a lot of choices for odors. Vanilla and cinnamon equally evoke feelings that are joyful and are excellent while soothing at the end-of the day to get in to the Xmas mood.

Also remember that when you are going for to some one on Dec 25, it may be recommended to use a pleasant relaxing smell like lavender. A fine unwinding bath to recover from your Christmas season is really a present that is wonderful!

It’s possible for you to make bath bombs which might be modest in dimensions (1 ¼”) and decorate and bundle them to seem like truffles. Purchase papers at your grocer’s to the little sweet and place a bath bomb that is little and place them in a sweet box for an excellent adorable present. Keep in mind to tag them as maybe not edible!

Karite makes excellent “icing.” When it’s too runny just allow it to sit for several minutes till it thickens backup. Dunk the bath bombs inside about ¼ of the manner in so only the tops are coated when the consistency is correct.

You will have a few minutes to perform before the karite hardens, thus do 4 or 3 at a time and enhance them. While the karite is nevertheless gentle, scatter “toppers” on the bathtub bombs. I enjoy the coloured sugar you purchase to scatter on biscuits as they give a merry appearance to them.

Here is the best Christmas bath bomb recipe. The ginger bread aroma constantly gets me in an excellent disposition.


2 tablespoons. Shea nut butter, melted down

15 drops cinnamon oil that is crucial

15 drops ginger oil that is important

8 drops nutmeg oil that is essential

8 drops c Love oil that is important


Essential-oils and join shea butter, drizzle with fingers over-dry mixture and mix. Spritz with wych hazel as required to carry mixture together. Package into forms, pressing hard.

Allow to dry 2 4 – 4-8 hrs before decoration.

Why Fashion Is Always Changing

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the world is affected by fashion to some extent. At the time of age of supermodel, fashion could be glamour or commons. Today, fashion is fast, convenient and personal. The street fashion, as one of the most popular, is more a reflection of personality and lifestyle to the trends in general. Because social media have offered abundant possibilities of people know the trends of today, fashion has to really be without form. Hollywood stars have their accounts of Facebook and Twitter update almost every second of the day as they are using it. Thus, Star set fashion trends. However, the stars are not that members only can openly express their fashion styles. Bloggers for fashion, not just professionals, but ordinary people, can send their style of fashion to the world. In an instant, fashion has truly become in everyday, everywhere and all over the world.

in the era of information and a great community of globalized world, fashion has become in its outlook, and concept that starts embodying many varieties of elements of different cultures. For example, in the Decade of 1980, the jeans had monopolized the youth culture not only in the United States but also in other countries, especially countries of East Asia such as Japan and Korea. Now, American styles are no longer standard as designers of different ethnic origin incorporate their own perspective of your design. In addition, in this much globalized world, ethnicity is no longer the only factor that affects the trend in fashion as it was decades ago. Now, people are guided by taste, lifestyle and experiences. For example, looks simple to female of Alexander Wang has won many fans of the minimalism. Thus, it is possible that fashion path will attract more closely to the style of life of the people and social trends.

in addition, today fashion has evolved much to embody personal brand. Unique style around the world can call in their own way. For example, punk style was originally social discontent of the young styles, has now taken even by Haute Couture designers. Decades ago, fashion had rules such as how to dress women and men. Today, fashion not is strictly dictated by gender. There have emerged a new kind of fashion called unisex clothing lines can be used by both sexes.

this type of fashion has been tremendously popular gives greater equality between men and women. Women have more options than ever before.

not only adults, children have their own fashion. Although mimicked what using adults, children’s fashion have also marketed extensively. Children’s fashion is affected by adult fashion ve. Many brands of designer adults also have children line which follow closely the trends in adults.

changed fashion styles allows more freedom of choices. Also the price of fashion has changed. Before, fashion clothing meant higher prices. Now, a piece of fashion clothing need not be expensive. Brands such as Forever 21, J. Crew, white and etc. offer affordable Couture-style clothes. Simply put, price not equals good style either way more.

fundamentally has evolved, not only the concept of fashion, but also the price and accessibility.


Fashion Yesterday and Today

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live in a world surrounded by things that are well related to technology, the latest gadgets or the latest fashions. And fashion has today made its importance in almost all sectors of life. Way can consider is in two groups: a group that follows of fashion trends and adopts the them and the other group that create statements of fashion and style for the others to follow them. It can also extend to another set of people who rarely have anything to do with fashion trends, but still follow their own style to create your own personality; Add one style to the world of fashion.

fashion is not just cosmetic and make up or hairstyle. It is a sense of creating the charism of look good in everything you wear and this magic is created with the type of accessories goes along with the footwear and clothing, make a nice image to see. Many times, people who cannot afford expensive clothes look their best in their casual wear, only by the arising of this way of sophistication and creating an aura to his round with the confidence of good looks.

there are multiple ways to fashion and trends are changing in the stations. Since the beginning of the 60s and 70s of the present Millennium, there has been a huge change in thoughts about fashion trends, looks and shapes.

in India, much of fashion has been influenced by the Hindi cinema, popularly called Bollywood industry. Trends that have changed over time is quite appreciated in films made during the 1960s and 70s and how they have evolved in different ways to achieve a style that can be followed by the public in general. People have imitated the West from very early times, and this was no exception. Clothing made in the 60 and 70s were very influenced by Western countries and lends a traditional touch. The campaign funds, scarves and the hairstyle was very frequent in those days as a style icon. Later in the years 80 and 90, the fashion world sizzled like never before. There was a desire by people to look different, elegant and modern, and this may be in their perspective toward his team, new hair styles, make-up, accessories such as purses, earrings, necklaces, shoe etc

that people were aware of every new thing that was marketed and copied the styles of their idols of Bollywood. Bollywood began as a platform for theatre artists and became a commercial entry to young and aspiring for a career in the film and fashion industries. This gave the youth of today emphasize the world of fashion. Art and music have become a thing of the past, and it is so deeply rooted in the present, so with more features and facilities.

fashion of today, art, music, designers, dance etc all have a place in the industry and people can choose to take anything related to this industry as his profession also. Art and music for a long time have been implemented in the curricular activities of the school and the halls are offering various courses to the best professionalism in these areas. There are also several acting schools and the small screen, i.e. television has opened avenues to get talent in young minds across numerous platforms of music and dance. This is the innovation of the Millennium in the creation of employment and work in the fashion industry. The trends we see are generated by the fashion houses that have regular seasons to show his invention, many of which were popularized in FTV, Zee Trendz and FTA channels. We can also take a look of the stylish outfits through these shows presenting the models. Today, modeling is also a platform for an entry in the world of fashion.

in the yester years, fashion was limited only to the actors in the film, or those who were bold enough to carry themselves in the public who were considered fashionable. Others simply had them purported behind close doors. Little by little when the times began to change, we could see women showing their styles in the traditional sari with an embroidered blouse and a different style. Then we saw the sari is wrapped in various styles such as the bengali style or the style Gujarati etc.. The women were releasing their choice of freedom and it could be seen in his appearances with a shoe high heel or bag carrying, what occupied your sari or hair and makeup carrying. All these changes resulted in the invention of churidhars and then the salwar kameez and finally left dresses fashion outdoors. The women accepted the fact that there was nothing wrong with looking good and the men of course, loved to see the sexy side of women and had fantasized the idea about their wives.

this change of attitude of the public was very well taken by the lovers of fashion and a large market was created to meet the demands of the public. Today fashion creates a new look with different style for one person in particular and keeps one updated with the latest trends in the market. This industry is popular for its glamour, as well as the mixture of indigenous tradition and culture in the designer wear showing models.

people love to experience different textures of the materials used in costumes and so designers are given a wide collection of dresses using all kinds of clothes. There are the traditional Khadi and combination of silk that is currently creating waves seen in both men and women wear. Then we have the work of embroidery in zardosi, swarovski studded tops and clothing and multi stoned in Bridal collection work Sarees etc. Then the most sought-after materials as cotton, polyester, chiffon, crushing of materials used in varied styles and iconoclastic designs.

always there is hope for designers that young people want a change in fashion and are happy to keep up the trend with a fusion of mix India and Western fashion wear. Young people today are also very practical in its sense of style for a special occasion. Either a party or a marriage or a casual look, they want the best and believe in the better possible appearance. And to achieve this, people will step forward to make sure they have everything in your closet for any occasion.

apart from the clothing with style and fashion that is currently popular, they want to try something that goes along with your outlook. So the market began to own friend of a woman – hand bag / purse. The fresh look of a bag with gorgeous colors and elegant characteristics as chain handle or zippers jazzy with numerous pockets of different ways attracted the public like never before. And with the growing demand of them prices of them bags of brand, is developed in a need for all the women complete their shopping. So the other accessories line creating a place for themselves themselves in the market. Only some to quote, the pending and necklaces, several belts, bracelets of hand and brooch, the needle and its wonderful embroidery, party slippers of use together with their shoes resistant high fraternal giving a look cowboy perfect etc.

fashion always has been a theme very interesting for all them women and now it trend even has challenged to them men to compete for a look more attractive for a future notable in the world of the fashion for that is an it acceptable law full for all genre of people.

Kiriti C Chavadi Bangalore