Traditional Chinese Elements in Fashion


as everyone knows, China is a country that has a long history. The Chinese civilization gave birth to a unique Chinese style. Chinese-style fashion is a form of Chinese elements based on the traditional oriental culture and custom. The combination of Chinese elements adapt to global trends. Especially after the 2008 Olympic Games, Chinese-style shoes and clothing gradually became popular. Many designers of world class focus on the addition of traditional Chinese elements in new fashion trend.

after spending most of the time in the city, the modern women should leave that his soul is a quiet and relax in the pure land. For many people, it is difficult to achieve this. Traditional senior designers use silk cotton as main material to make thin and breathable clothes which makes it feel comfortable and relaxed at the same time, keep his spirit. Chinese clothing modern is designed with soft colors and showing a dignified and elegant image. The search for the Chinese lifestyle freedom and equality, as well as the native of Zen that is simple but have a deep meaning.

designed for young women in a modern city and fully consider all aspects of life, a range of stylish accessories Chinese traditional appear in the exhibition. Women living in the Yangtze River delta are getting used to wear embroidered flower flat shoes. With a paper umbrella oiled in the hand, a pretty girl walking in a long quiet, just like a fascinating classical picture.

at the same time, China popular style jewelry made by hand also become popular. In the central area of China, some housewives using the original method to make Chinese canvas style bags that are received by tourists from all over the world. In fact, the sense of Chinese-style fashion is ahead of China 5 thousand years of splendid culture and unique character. For example, China is the birthplace of the red, the red color is a very important part of the traditional customs. Derived from Red auspiciousness of China, red is a color of decoration, party, and prayer for the well-being. Another example is the model of national print dress Chinese is different from the concept of Western dress in performance, its greatest feature is the blessing of connotation. The key lies in maintaining a personality of ethnic style and country.

now Chinese elements in clothes and jewelry have reached the stage of fashion world, more and more people are focusing their eyes this unique historic country that has unique cultural characteristics of charm and personality.


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